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Individuals undergoing treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) and others with related criminal histories, face steep challenges securing gainful employment and returning to society as contributing members of their communities. Our technology and services help these jobseekers develop their soft skills, increase their hiring potential, and gain the level of confidence needed to obtain and retain meaningful employment. Our soft skills training and development adds value to long-term recovery centers and correctional facilities by consolidating, enhancing, and facilitating existing services designed to reduce barriers to employment and improve hiring outcomes for these individuals.

Fair Chance

Acquiring meaningful employment is one of the leading factors for ensuring that recovery from substance abuse can be sustained over time. Fair Chance Works delivers a safe, secure, and highly accessible platform consisting of a holistic collection of technology products, curriculum, and services designed to empower jobseekers in recovery while enlightening those in hiring positions on the personal characteristics and work potential associated with the fair and second chance labor pools. 


Illustration showing matches between employers and employees

Our platform technology (AssistBridge) is exclusively designed to instruct, provide guidance, and sustain communications among all parties involved in the employment of individuals in recovery and those with a criminal past. As such, participating employers are first introduced to fair chance candidates through a non-threatening forum that highlights the jobseeker's unique personality along with their job experience. Candidates are also matched based on preferences expressed by the employer regarding items related to their current stage of recovery, recent accomplishments, and the circumstances regarding their prior behaviors. This level of transparency saves employers valuable time and money while dramatically increasing the jobseekers odds for getting  hired for the position they desire.

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